Quality Assurance

In our working structure, there is no scope of quality mishap. We are implementing and following a quality policy which is supporting us to develop products according to the specifications of our customers. We are supported by a proficient team, which has a combined experience in the technological design, which allows manufacturing of equipment which is meeting assorted constructional and industrial needs.

Quality Planning

During the production process, we make sure to subject brass to regular evaluation and control. Also, we conduct these processes on other procedures to ensure the specific brass stock. We also check the chemical compositions of materials and adjust them before their melting. Also, we make sure to specify and monitor the heating as well as cooling times and temperatures. During the production process, quality is measured at every step. Finally, the samples of finished products are tested for the parameters of hardness, strength, dimensions, and others to make sure that required specifications are met.

Quality Control Equipments

Digital Vernier Calliper
Hardness Testing Machine
Surface Roghness Tester
Force Testing Machine
Micro Meter
Thickness Gauges
Ring & Plug Gauges
Thread & Ring Gauges